5.29s for Tacomas

It was drastic. I recommend the tune as well.

I have 5.29 Nitros in my Tacoma with 33’s and the drive is night and day difference from stock. I’d highly recommend it. I went with the 5.29’s because I anticipated going up to 35’s at some point an I’m still on the fence. With a full steel front bumper, sliders, skids etc it was a slug on stocks and I feel like it drives better than my buddies with 4.88’s but not much of a noticeable difference. If you’re in SoCal there was a group buy deal with Premier West Gear on Tacoma World a while back, and is still going the last time I checked.

What tune are folks using?

My truck has 33s and supposedly 4.56 gearing already installed when I bought it. It gets down the highway fine, not amazing, but I am curious about the tunes people are mentioning here.

As you’re doing the gear changes and tunes what kind of gas milage are you getting before and after the change. Also if you have a truck weight and avg. speed would be great.
My truck is about 6100, stock gears with 32’s and I get ~17-19 hwy., 14-15 city (according to Scangauge II). This is averaging 65 on the hwy.

Most are getting OTT or KDMaxx/KDMaxx Pro

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My tune is from Sibi Built (Orange County). They also do a lot of regearing.

Portland to Mt. Hood, 85% loaded (no fridge), almost 16mpg up the mountain…not bad.

(5.29s + KDMax tune specific to 34’s and gear)

Also down the mountain going the opposite way was over 20mpg (doesn’t count though since I coasted most of it since this thing carries speed very well).

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I would love to see some clips of your rpm while climbing sometime or if you have one.