$5800 USD - Ontario, Canada - V2 2013 - 2022 Chev Colorado 6' bed. Unit #4747

$5800 USD ($8,000 CAD)

Selling my V2 from my 2016 Chevrolet Colorado 6’ bed (fits 2013 - 2022 and I think should also fit GMC Canyons but I’ll need to confirm with GFC). It was installed about a year ago now so it has a year’s usage under its belt. I’ve never had any issues with the camper like leaks, tears, zipper issues, etc. It has been a fantastic little unit! I did put Shoe Goo on the corners as a preventative measure so when you see it up close you will notice that on the corners. In the interior photo, I still have my HEST mattress in the camper - that won’t be part of the sale, this camper comes with its original mattress.

I’ve installed drip rails and lock covers and they do a great job keeping water out of the cab and dust out of the latches.

It also comes with a ladder + ladder hardware.

The reason I’m selling it is because I’ve purchased a larger truck and the camper will no longer fit, unfortunately.

One thing to note: The camper is no longer on top of my truck so I unfortunately cannot deliver it. I’m in the Toronto, ONTARIO area so if you’re interested, let me know!


Hi is this still available? I’m in Missoula Montana and willing to drive to meet - please let me know if available

I see it’s not drivable now can it be shipped? Toronto a long way from here!

Hello! Yes it’s still available. And yeah, totally a long drive - I actually made the drive from Toronto to Montana to pick up the tent last year lol it was a fun drive.

I’m definitely not against shipping the tent, I just need to do some research on it first as I’ve never shipped something so large before. I also wouldn’t want it being damaged in shipping so I’d need to make sure there is some sort of insurance involved. The issue is it might get expensive. But let me look into it and see!

Hello, everyone! I’ve lowered the price to $5800 USD… It’s probably one of the lower prices I’ve seen for a GFC so definitely worth it if you’re in the market for one. Apparently this can fit on other trucks as well but might require some modification, I’m not 100% on which ones, however.

Like I said above, it has no issues whatsoever - I just can’t use it anymore as it doesn’t fit my new truck.


Good price, bad drive from Colorado. Have you researched any freight options?

Yeah I’d prefer to not ship it as it brings up a whole host of logistical issues - including insurance and border forms to fill out. It’s just very expensive as well.

If someone really wanted it shipped, we would for sure have to work together to get it done. I’d also be nervous as a buyer because who knows what kind of issues could happen during that shipping, ya know? I’d hate to pay for the unit and then have it show up damaged in some way. But again, if someone wanted to take the chance, we could work together to make it happen.

Located in Toronto here, wondering what the requirements would be to get this on a short bed Tacoma. Do you know? I’ll check in with them.

Edit: dang, too excited and just realized you’re long bed Colorado. Would have taken it otherwise sadly! GLWS

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Dang! What I’ve learned from this sale is that more people need to buy Colorados LOL

From a quick search it seems like it’ll swap right onto the Tacoma long bed so you might want to rephrase the title for locals… probably going to sell a lot quicker! May want to confirm with GFC but there’s someone on here using their old Colorado topper on their new Tacoma without an issue!

I’m so sad, Short bed and this would have been mine haha.

Good luck!

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Sent you a private message. Thanks!