8020 Taco Shelf / Bench

I wanted a shelf in the bed for the fridge but also to stuff Frontrunner boxes both above and below it. I built one out of stuff from Lowes and was planning to keep it a while but it started to get a good bow in the front where it was not supported. While I think it would have been good enough for a while - now that the camper is on I can measure the 8020 build I wanted to do.

First 8020 order arrived this morning and here is the framed build out so far. I will keep updates coming on this as well as some info on what I ordered.

When I forgot I had changed the right piece to allow for a bench…

After I put the bench portion on and got everything situated…

Next up - put a top on it. Thinking 1/2" black Starboard with a 1/4" rabbeted edge so it slots into the track OR some sort of flush mount panel. I am still investigating options here.

To attach to the bed I will continue to use turnbuckles on the cab side to hold it forward and down and a third turnbuckle in the back to keep the bench from hopping.

Dometic fridge will go on the shelf on the left side of the cab - leaving room on the right for securing a stack of 2 front runner boxes, 2 more can slide in underneath the shelf. The right side is primarily to be used as a bench but will certainly make use of the storage once I have a plan.


Looks awesome. Keep the build pics coming!

Looks awesome! What size fridge? And do you think the 8020 can support its weight?

Dometic 55. No problem with the weight


I’m building out a highroof van using all 80/20 - it’s amazing stuff. When you keep the edges uncovered, it’s free mounting points via the t-slots. I’m actually typing this comment laying on an unsupported (bolted into the van walls only, no legs) 80/20 bed frame - strong stuff!

I love it but it sure does add up once you start putting the hardware into your shopping cart…

Most definitely - I used tnutz.com, which you might already use too, but it’s pretty much the standard source for the van builders. Identical components as the name-brand 80/20 but not nearly as bad on the wallet.

Just waiting on my second order from 8020… Thursday they say!

Definitely like the shelf idea. Thought long and hard about the end to end drawers, but you lose so much vertical space. Stacking the back of the bed maximizes the “living area”

By “stuff from Lowes” did you mean lumber? I literally have a piece of 1 inch thick lumber running across. Does the job, but the bending shows. I was thinking for an upgrade, to sit them so they act like i beams. But it doesn’t solve the rather low clearance when I seat it across the wheel wells. It’s not quite 11 inches and the frontrunners are 11.

Lumber with some metal to reinforce but it sagged anyways.

If you can see, I have a 2" tall piece of 10 series 8020 on the bed side and it lifts the platform up plenty high to fit the wolf pack under.

Got my second load of 8020 so address one major shortcoming of my original design… had to widen the bench a couple inches to fit the snowboard:

Tabs and door hardware in - next stop is the plastic store for some ABS so make the tops and door:

Before I put the tops on - will reinstall turnbuckles from prior shelf in front and add a turnbuckle in the rear to keep things down and in place.


Looking good. Question about photo #2: what are the 3 pieces attached to the side of the bench at the top & bottom?

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Those are hinges and magnet clasps for a fold up door I will put on … hopefully later today!


Ran out of daylight and need some different screws to continue… so I guess it’s after the holidays… but here are the turnbuckles in the front of the bed.


Door closed

Door opened

Back shelves (not fully bolted in yet)


Finished up!


One question for ya. Is that 10 or 15 series?

10 series on this. It’s pretty solid - don’t think it could take a load of concrete bags on a bumpy road but good enough to sleep on top of or stand or sit.


Sitting/standing is all the load I’d need it to take. Cheers.