8020 Taco Shelf / Bench

that turned out nice. do have rough cost on it? anything you might change?

About a grand all in… can thank the 8020 hardware for most of that $. The upside is that it only weighs 20/30 pounds total with the plastic panels.

Nothing I would change yet… but I only just finished it so time will tell. I made a couple design changes as I went though so I guess that counts

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Really great work on this! Love how clean it turned out. :metal:

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Thanks man! I know I told you but totally dig your build as well. Plenty was borrowed :slight_smile:

Very nice! Super clean and organized.

Nice job! I like the idea of a shelf at the front of the bed.
It would work well with the 8020 drawer unit I already built (and that occupies a similar footprint to your side unit), so I’ll definitely use those pictures for inspiration.

Do you like those “inside corner” connectors that you used?
Just curious because my experience with them has been less than stellar; they don’t seem to hold very well. Maybe I had a bad batch, but the set screws seem to strip out too easily.

So far they seem to be holding up okay but I agree they aren’t the most solid thing I’ve ever used. I have them in every corner so some places have one on each side and I got the set screws in pretty tight and nothing’s moving… no issues with them stepping yet but I can see how that could happen.

Now that I have the actual measurements I would probably use a machined end connector skeleton instead but because I didn’t know exactly what everything would need to be I couldn’t go that route. The twist in t-nuts for the 10 series are super tiny but the slide in t nuts are pretty solid… could use those and some corner connection brackets.

Share pictures when you’re building!

I’ll try and remember to grab a picture or two tomorrow. It gets dark so early these days!

I’ve also had the set screws on hidden corner connectors strip out. I now only use anchors for joining extrusions in T’s and corners.

Just get one of the extrusions at each corner (the one that T’s into the other) machined with a 9/16" counterbore when you order them. It takes a little extra planning but well worth it!

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I liked the idea of those anchors, but the counterbore kept me away because I kept changing the design so it didn’t make sense to order pre-machined pieces.

I use a combination of the tri-corner cubes (and just tap the ends of the extrusions myself) and joining plates. The plates work great because they only use the outer slot of the framing- I use 1/4" birch plywood for panels in between the framing pieces, so by using the plates I can avoid having to make cutouts in the corners of the plywood pieces.
(I’ll post pictures later.)

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Sorry for the bad lighting- was in a hurry yesterday.


Exactly… when prototyping, I was lucky to be order a few parts cut to the right length but had a number of them oversized and cut as I designed.

I bet they sell a jig for machining then yourself…

That Looks super clean and light. Im going to use this for inspiration. Nice work!

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