Additional Accessory Mount Points (Interior Canopy v2)

GFC was kind enough to put a few threaded rubber grommets in for our accessorizing and a nice little hit of t-slot in the middle of the lower area - but I am finding the accessory points aren’t really all where I want them.

So thought is this - drill a couple (not a lot… but a couple on each side) new holes and try to get the same hardware as supplied in the other accessory holes. Would essentially look identical to GFC OEM ones… anyone done this?


I would definitely talk to @GFC_Support before doing any of that to make sure you don’t void the warranty.

Yeah you can probably find some appropriate well nuts at Ace.

See this thread:

they have said that stuff like holes void only component warranty:

and they are on record talking about customers cutting holes in the doors:

basically - so long as they don’t offer jack for accessories and we are stuck DIY, mods are gonna happen. if the whole thing collapses because I add a hole where they already have a half dozen holes, that means it’s time to find a different product - but i don’t think that will happen


Fair enough, I guess I’m in the same boat actually now that I think about it. I used self tapers to mount a dome light at the entry like I had in my canopy (because the truck was already pre-wired for it).

Although, unfortunately, the wire to the light snapped in the -40c’s…but that’s another story. I’m stoked to see how you make out.

Not saying I did this, but if I did, it was easy and no big deal. Not saying I did though…