Airbag Discussion

  1. Thanks for this thread @Rob - I’m in the same boat, but for an F150 supercab
  2. I love the use of the bike pump, @bs2000 and @Rob - I’ll likely do the same since I primarily use my GFC for bike travel
  3. Like you @Rob, if I go offroad, that’s to get to a destination I’m interested in hiking/cycling in; not the point itself.
  4. @owennoll what did you end up going with?

My constant load fluctuates between 1000-1600 depending on how many bikes/passengers I have and whether I’m fully loaded with gas/water (36 gallon fuel tank). I carry a fully loaded Decked system, a fridge, decent amount of gear, and water. I have a 2" readylift in the front and had about 1/2" of squat before I installed the GFC. Afterwards I had about 1"

As of now, I have an appointment to get airbags installed next week. I’m thinking this is the right decision, but am not averse to spending more if it’s a better longterm upgrade if I decided longrun that I wanted a full-on performance suspension. I’m hoping to get back to a 1" rake or at least level, but mostly care about handling improvements from eliminating squat.

Haven’t done anything at this point. Decided I’m going to just wear out the stock suspension and then figure out what do do next

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I’m selling my lightly used Firestone Airbags if anyone is interested. I used them for a couple of months before I upgraded my entire suspension.

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@KOM-Chaser I would bypass the air bags honestly. I put bags in my truck, very similar usage, setup, lift and sag. The bags work great, but I pretty much have to leave them at 50lbs min to keep the truck level.

My next move will be getting 1.5” lift springs for the rear instead (Icon makes a good one). This should solve my squat problem. I went with the easy insert bags as opposed to the ones posted above (mainly for cost). I would probably put them back in and hopefully really only have to air the bags up over 10psi when I tow the travel trailer or sled trailer.


What’d you upgrade your suspension to?

I was super happy with my Firestone airbags. I did not have the same issue as @Dignon. In fact, I do miss having the ability to adjust my airbags on the fly.

I decided to pull them out eventually when I got my suspension components. I ended up getting Deaver U402S2 and Elka shocks. I live near Boulder and I’m quite often in the woods wheeling. I’m super happy with my setup, but I just ordered a high clearance rear bumper and I might need to switch out my leafs to stage 3. That’s still to be determined