Another one (and it's a good one)!

Episode 8 is live: Type 2 Fun (Part 1)

Did you know there’s two types of fun and that one of those types of fun isn’t at all enjoyable until after it’s over? On this special two part episode of You’re Really Out There, our host Taylor bothers a bunch of his coworkers to try and figure out what type 2 fun really is, and ends up avoiding as much work as possible by relying on listener generated content to make up the bulk of the episode. We’ll hear stories of misadventure from listeners everywhere from Texas to Scotland! It turns out the recipe for type 2 fun is pretty simple: all you need is an overinflated sense of confidence, bad weather, and poor planning.

This episode was super fun, and there’s still time to submit stories for Part 2, so holler if you have any!