Banging top of wedge

Yes. I own a yacht management company, so I could. I do it all the time and get paid by boat builders who don’t want to handle warranty issues themselves. I bought a GFC because I have very little free time and wanted to make it easier to get out of town when I do. I don’t have much interest in dealing with their issue with my free time. A broken fastener didn’t seem concerning to them or me, but now that there are more issues unfolding, I wonder what the root of the problem is.


Yup, that makes sense. Hopefully GFC reaches out soon!

So maybe they should send you a new mattress if that is the case? Most of us don’t have a mattress that has compacted over time. Not me and mine is older. I’m not sure I like this explanation from gfc but I realize that we are all finding out the long term issues of this thing as we go.


I definitely wanted their opinion, and wanted my issue documented in email, but didn’t ask them what they would do about it. I got it in November and I have spent probably around 30 nights in it just for reference.

I wouldn’t be upset it it was a bit softer, or even if I could leave a blanket in there, so I am going to run it for a bit and see.


If they acknowledge that the issue is related to the compacting of the mattress. I certainly believe that they should offer you a resolution to the problem. After all, the mattress is unique to the GFC (sections and configuration). I don’t think that there should be any “banging” coming from your camper it being only 6 months old! Maybe you should re-address this issue with them. You have nothing to loose! Best of luck!

I agree I picked up my camper in Sept only used 4 times sleeping. There should be no way my mattress is packed out. I’m good with the mattress stiffness but I like that. My fix is working for now but I feel as if this problem came straight from production I just didn’t notice until it was brought to my attention. seems as if the lock pins should be made with the correct tolerances to avoid the bang.


Yeah with the design of the pins combined with the floating top I can see why they had to leave extra space, but it is a design issue that I am not sure has a solution outside of something compressible in the tent area (like a thicker mattress), or what you did with padding on the extrusion.


I took the mattress out of the GFC and left a deflated exped mattress in there for months but never developed any weird sounds. If GFC thinks it’s from the compression of the mattress, wouldn’t that cause the same sound to mine and others that modded the sleeping quarters with different products?

Yeah that is a good point and a great test. :+1:

So with it deflated if you pull up and down on the top part of the wedge do you have slop where the pins go into the extrusion? If I have cushions out I have 1/8 or so of slop that allows the extrusions to hit together creating the banging sound.

Just sold the exped and have a different sleep situation now lol, but I didn’t have any slop with the rear crossbar. Do you think maybe the struts have lost some of their oomph along with the mattress. Swap them out?

Oh maybe I’m misunderstanding, the banging is over the cab of the truck

No all the way in the back. Don’t think the struts could be causing it, but maybe I’ll shoot a video as an example so we are all on the same page. Thanks for the thoughts for sure!

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I have a V2, #1240, and picked it up in Feb ‘21. Just noticed this week the banging noise when I hit some small bumps on the road. Haven’t reached out to GFC, but going to try my own solution if everyone is saying it’s an issue with the mattress compressing over time.

All in all it doesn’t sound like an issue with the structural integrity of the camper, but the sound is just a nuisance and I hate it.

I’ve been thinking about this for a time now. I do hear my GFC making noise on bumps occasionally. I don’t know for absolutely sure its coming from the wedge pins, but its likely. I’ve been thinking of adding something to tighten those pins up, but I wonder a couple of things… 1. While the banging isn’t only tacomas, is the composite bed of the tacoma making this worse? And, 2. Might it be better to leave this little bit of play alone if the flexiness of the tacoma bed is playing a role in this? Maybe tightening this up may end up damaging something. IDK. I’m inclined to leave it alone at this point. Just throwing that out there.


Yeah I think with the floating top some slop is needed, but I like the idea of something compressible, either mattress or rubber on the extrusion to hold some tension on the pins, so I can squish it more or less based on the current location/flex of things.

What about a thin track of speaker gasket/foam tape on the offending areas? When it’s open, put it around the top edge of the bottom half aluminum?