Bed Rug Installation

The beginning of mods for my build after settling in from a 38hour install drive from Maine. Looking forward to this as a solution from all the dirt and dust getting in from the tailgate gap amongst ease of use for cleaning.

The bed rug helps a lot but in most cases you’ll still need to add some extra weatherstripping on the sides.

The install went well and I’ve been thru rain and dusty dirt roads. The majority of dust was from the tailgate gap. I haven’t noticed water getting in yet. I think I should examine the seals closely before summer ends. I intend to install a diesel heater for winter. If I get on condensation / insulation problems , which should be minimal, I’ll be in a happy place.

My first camp with the GFC was a bit cold in the mountains. I left the sides up and then closed them sealing off the tent to warm up a bit. By morning I had a little condensation but the great thing about the somewhat translucent roof is it evaporates moisture rapidly. Compared to my Skamper080s this camper has been a dream for mold problems. I currently have none.

With electrical systems going in soon the goal is to not have any damp or wet conditions getting in, obviously.

I’d love to hear or see any other pictures of what others have done to seal and or insulate their builds.