Ben's 2017 DCSB Tacoma build

Figured it was time to start one of these as the truck changes. My name is Ben, currently located in Denver CO. The truck is a 2017 Tacoma SR5. Purchased in 2020 with 20,000 miles and currently about to roll over 60k.

Truck Mods;
Black Rhino Stadium wheels in Bronze 16x8 i believe.
Falken Wildpeaks 270/65/16
Bilstein 5100s front and rear
Icon AAL in the rear(currently shopping to upgrade to a full leaf pack)
Broken trd pro grille
Ditch lights with yellow lenses(cause why not)
Slotted rotors and upgraded brakes
Rear seat delete for the old dogs

Upcoming Mods;
Full skids
Full leaf pack

GFC upgrades;
Lower zone lighting
Tent lighting
1/4 bed size movable platform
Tent storage
upgraded foam mattress(added 2 inches to the current original mattress)
ARB awning

GFC upcoming;
Better power source for lighting(currently using an external battery, does its job just fine)
Bigger Awning(probably bigger version of what i have currently)
Swap out lock and latches
Struts for the doors and tent
Rebuild platform in the bed
New sheets
Wrap panels to match my wheel color

I originally had a soft topper set up with Heavy metal off road bars to go over it with a platform and cargo box. was having ankle surgery and my gf and i have two senior dogs so tent camping was looking a bit less exciting haha. Ultimately ended up finding a second hand V1 on craigslist in Denver and i traded the soft top set up and $4,000 in cash for the GFC. From what i could see everything was upgraded as new things came out and a few little things like locks from the inside .I’ve now had the GFC on the truck for 4 months and have spent about 27 days in it(goal is 50 before it starts snowing here). Ill likely hit that or get damn close. Check it out below! thanks for reading!


As a handful of you saw, the truck was stolen a few weeks ago but thankfully returned less than 24hrs later with minimal issues and no damage. Just missing a few things, small things too. overall extremely lucky and grateful for all of the help form this community. heres some photos of how i got it back.


Once i got the truck back i drove it up to a friends house with a garage where we are currently dog sitting so i took the opportunity to pull the seats and deep clean and stash an airtag.

i also decided to start to finish the seat delete haha. Have the single seat already with a platform for the pups but planning on doing the rest in the next couple months so i decided to leave the back of the back seat off.


You will eventually have to replace the battery on the air tag so hopefully it’s not too hard to get to haha! I got like 10 months out of one airtag

i actually just learned that after i put it in haha. thankfully its decently easy for me to get to

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