British Columbia to Belgrade in Sept - Build 1921

So it’s time to start putting together some form of travel plan. My XL install is scheduled Sept 11 @ 9am. Don’t have a huge amount of experience travelling in the US, so not super familiar with legalities of camping. That being said, I’m ok with spending a few bucks to park at a proper campsite. Also, not much into Off-roading, per say, as this is my daily driver and ski rig. But used to dirt roads and remote sites for camping in Central BC.

The plan (so far) is to cross the border at Oliver, BC then head down towards Spokane. Honestly hoping to have a two day buffer, but looking to make it to Missoula the first day. Looks like there’s some good mountain biking there, and I love fall riding.

So, I’m looking for advice on great mountain biking (enduro/XC style) with camping nearby ideally along the way. Then looking for a place to camp near Belgrade so I can be sure to be early to GFC for my install.

Thanks in advance :smiley:

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This might be what you are looking for near Belgrade to bike and camp, hopefully it will cool off by September. Might be a little to hot and dry currently out there.

Copper City Trails Project — Southwest Montana Mountain Bike Association (

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Can’t go wrong with the Hyalite area too. Friends of Hyalite

If you’re looking for good truck camping, a good app is iOverlander. It’s not the best but you can score some decent spots in a last minute pinch and it’s free.

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Sweet, yeah I’ve downloaded and have been scoping spots. At this point I’m not even sure I’ll be able to cross the border so I’m planning for two different options. Thanks for the heads up :sunglasses::metal:t3:

Also, some asshat stole my 2020 Kona Process 134cr/dl so dealing with that right now.

I hit Hyalite before install, great off the road boondocking spots deep in woods! Extremely busy on weekends. Great Rec Area.