Build spot for sale!

How do you sell your build spot? Or can you get a refund? Or am I SOL? Thanks Build #1183 don’t know start date I believe in March.

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GFC does not do refunds. What you do is offer your spot for sale. Provide buyer with build number and start production date.
Once you receive payment from buyer collect his or her information. Email, phone number, and name. Then contact GFC after you receive payment from the buyer. Provide their information to GFC and they will transfer the build spot to them. You may want to add the build number and your production start date to your post.


Jumping in here real quick.

Unit #1183 has an estimated start date of January 2021.

Hope that helps!

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Hello! i am interested in taking your spot!
if its still available please email me at !!

or text me at 814 418 4282 !!

Also interested. or 415 439 3747

Interested in the spot 949 370-8847

What is your email Taylor thanks