Cable Routing - Exterior Lights on Extrusions

Sure! 5/16". The rubber wire grommet I basically shaved off the inside flange and shoved it in there. I haven’t figured out a better solution since the plate is about 1/4" thick.

I just found out about “T Type Rubber Grommets”. Which is basically what I made. So, look for some of those if you want some kind of seal/protection.


Thank you so much! Ill post up the results once im done, i think your wiring plan is the most ideal so far that ive seen. In conjunction with shittco extrusion wiring mounts i think you have a thing.

I am testing out some wire clips I designed and printed to see how they hold up. They are basically to keep the lighter wires tucked into the channel. If they hold up I can run some batches for people.


design a vertical one too - maybe something that twists in? for wires that are going over the tracks instead of through them. You’re on to something for sure. I use t nuts and little plastic things on them - totally a waste of a t nut…

I don’t have anything to measure off of - but this idea right here:
(oops - that is still horizontal, here’s a vertical idea):


Oh, those are pretty cool. I thought about the twist in thing but figured I would have enough flex in the clip.


yea - the clip is beautifully simple for horizontal runs! I wouldn’t change a thing on your design.

My solar wires run vertically and I imagine a simpler option than using tnuts and bolts - like what you did for horizontal. one piece of plastic that can slip over a wire and attach to the track with no tools. that would be neat-o

Yeah, like the stuff they give you with the 3d printers. The rubber stuff that slots into the 8020 channel.

Since im going with your route, id love some of those clips!

I too would be Interested in a few of these clips.

this is great as it uses the channel for the wires then. Keeps them tucked away. i like it

Sounds like I have some testers for the clips. I have no idea how well they will hold up to the elements. That’s actually my first test. I put some on the truck and I’m going to see how well they hold up. UV isn’t a problem with the material I printed with. But curious about heat/cold.

I have another design that had a locking thing with a twist. (not like the ones @the_philxx posted, but an actual moving part) But it was over complicated. I like this simple clip design.

Send me a direct message if you want to test some out for me and I’ll work out how to get you some.

hey just an idea for making these - if you got some seaboard (1/16" or 3/32" thickness that is HDPE and UV stable), you could get a 5/16" metal rod and use a heat gun to form plastic strips over it. That would certainly be faster than 3D printing, stronger than 3D printed parts, and you would know for sure it is UV stable and marine grade.

I imagine this is not much harder than waiting for a large batch to print - if your printer is anything like mine… haha

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Well, since I just have to send it to the printer and it does all the work. I’d say it takes less of my time :slight_smile:

I’ve actually got a few printers. I am trying a few different materials. I think the ASA is going to end up being the winner.

ASA is my default filament for everything in the truck. Good call!

Willing to be a tester as I’m deep in the mountains of Colorado at almost 9k elevation ( above Steamboat Springs which is 6.9k and it gets below 0 degrees here most nights due to my position in an exposed location where the mountain funnels the wind through a valley

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This is awesome to see, love that idea.

Hey guys! This last week we have been dealing with a landslide on the side of our house. So I haven’t put anytime into this for the last week. Hoping next week will be a different story. I should have a bunch made and I can follow up with everyone.

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Sorry to hear. Wishing you luck.
Life and safety always come first.


Sorry to hear about the house issues. Whenever you do get around to it, if you need a tester in AZ I set up my routing pretty close to yours. Currently trying vhb tape to keep the wire in the channel but not sure how well that will work. Your clips look like they may work out pretty well. I can definitely test them heat wise. Lol.