Cable Routing - Exterior Lights on Extrusions

Has anyone drilled through the sides of their T track panels to route wires through the frame? I was in the sides of the lower half of the tent replacing tent canvas this fall and noticed some convenient holes drilled in each frame member underneath the T track. However, water intrusion would be a factor.

Ok, we’ve got rain hitting us this weekend but hopefully it’s light. So no work on the wall. I’ll be running some clip prints tomorrow and reach out to everyone who responded to get some your way for testing!

Just stumbled upon this thread and figured I’d share some of my experience. It is possible to route wires around the frame behind the outside T-track. I was able to run wire from the rear around to the sides by drilling a hole through the extrusion. If anyone wants more info I will happily provide more photos/explanation!


It is possible however it takes lots of patience and drilling 2 holes. I just posted about it above :slight_smile:

I used these clips I found on amazon to hold wires in the channel. I used them on the inside for a light in the tent area, but no reason they wouldn’t work outside either.


This is awesome, thank you, I’ll have to explore this route for my chase light wiring

I haven’t looked at it yet, but how does that T-Track come out? I’ve got my chase lights in the rear mounted but have yet to wire them up looking and researching the best way to do it. Seems like this could be a great option.

As for removing pieces, it’s a few screws and a pry… check out the tent replacement video for an idea of what it takes to move these parts:

You’ll want to remove the 3-4 protruding hex head bolts (not countersunk) and then carefully pry the area circled in red. I used a small prybar aka flathead screwdriver to loosen it as evenly as possible along the whole length. The link above should help with clarification as well. Mine was pretty suborn so a couple times back and forth pry a little at a time popped it off.

Be super careful drilling through the 2 pieces. There isn’t much room between the billet latch and inside of the tent. I didn’t want to drill to big of a hole so I ended up enlarging the inner one with a long Dremel bit. Best way I found to fish the wire through was from the D/P side into the rear extrusion and using a small pick through outer drilled hole to assist the wire around the bend.

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Ok! I’ve got wiring clips. I messaged back those who messaged me. I’ll message those who responded in this thread tomorrow. After some fiddling this week, and finding that printing ASA just caused my printer to overheat I’m going with PETG. Should hold up but this is why I’m looking for testers!