Camper Break In

My camper was broken into recently. Toolbox with various tools and MTB lubricants was stolen but luckily my Solo Stove, drop hitch, ski racks, and ski poles were left alone. Planning on trying to bend the panel back myself instead of buying a new panel & window ($525 without window). I can push the left side back down and latch it, but it’s still bent to hell. Does anyone have tips on bending the panel back to normal & reseating the window in the trim?

Sorry to see this. Maybe hit up @Dignon as I think he did a fair amount of panel repair on his first one.

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Shit man. People suck. Sorry this happened to you man. Maybe reach out to the boys at GFC and see what they can do for you. Good luck.

I hate seeing this. I’m convinced that the average dumb$#!+ thief will likely go after the rear panel as that’s typical of toppers in general. I tend to deploy the JEDGAR hatch lock for the rear hatch when I can. I know that the side panels are still vulnerable, but every little thing helps, I believe.

Maybe I’m an idiot, I run a steering wheel club too…

@wolf_32 Sorry for your damage.




Hey just curious was the rig in Portland or Vancouver? The reason I ask is because there has been a significant increase in break ins in this area.

I had a similar break in on Wednesday 12/8 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Lucky for me my GFC didn’t suffer much damage at all. The rear panel was a little bent and the corner of the window popped out. The window went back to normal easy and the panel bend straightened out after being closed for a day.

I was on a road trip from GFC in Montana back home to CA. This happened my second to last night. I stayed at a buddies house, and parked in their partially underground parking garage with security cameras. Thinking it was safe and me being lazy I just locked 1 of 2 of the rear locks, so the thief was able to pry open the panel from the unlocked side.

It should be obvious but I still fell victim to it, but LOCK BOTH LOCKS if you don’t want to get robbed.

continued from last post…

If you live in Salt Lake City watch out for this guy. He purposely drove into the parking garage looking for a car to break into. He smashed into my window too. Guy ended up with $4,000+ worth of my gear. Not the ending I was hoping for on my GFC install trip.

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@wolf_32 was yours all locked up when they broke in? As for the window, I know mine is a lot less damage but the corner of the window of mine popped out. I had the guy who replaced my cab window reset the panel window. He said those types of window seals are super easy to seal back up. He just used a small plastic pry tool.

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I think it most likely depends on the insurance policy carried. I know there has been a lot of discussion on this topic in another threads (PSA Insure your camper!, What insurance company do you have?, How do you insure your GFC?).


@GFC706 I’ve been considering Josh’s slider locks for myself, although anyone could still easily pry the side panels they may be too dumb to consider

As for the OP, really sad to see this, made me cringe :grimacing:, hope you can resolve as easily as possible good luck

Welp, some homeless dude broke into my camper with a hammer yesterday morning. I had everything locked but he was able to bend the panel enough to get the lock past the latch. Looks like he also attempted to bend my rear panel. He ended up stealing about $1,000+ in gear. I specifically did not get a rear window so that people would not be unable to see what gear was inside. But apparently this guy took a gamble and broke into it sight unseen. This was also in an gated parking garage but he walked in after another car left.

Just got back from a trip so my truck is a little dirty.

I actually went out, found the guy, and got him arrested (hopefully). Was able to recover some of the stuff.

I have both my truck and camper insured by Progressive. Hopefully they replace my panels and stuff.

Man sorry to hear this!


Sorry to see this post. Just remember that things can always be worse. You got some of your stuff back and the guy. That’s better than nothing. Good luck to you getting back to whole again.

Peace brother.

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I can’t tell but do you have the back window on yours?

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I do not because I did not want people looking into my rig or breaking the window

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