Camping In a GFC With Kids

Added some reflective utility cord zipper pulls to all zippers, and plan to utilize locking carabiners on the mesh doors to make it a little tougher for our toddler to open them. Thanks for the idea!


A little off topic but when camping with kids wouldn’t a Van or tent trailer be more adequate? Seems like most people with kids camp in places a tent trailer can go so why cramp everyone in the back of a taco? Used tent trailers are more affordable too. Vans can get pretty pricey but you have way more room than the gfc.


Took the 11 month old out and camped in lower temperatures (40-42 degrees). We were worried about his sleeping temperatures so we brought the propane heater and it ended up being about almost too hot at 70 degrees in the truck bed. The experience is slightly stressful with worrying about ventilation, temperatures, etc. my takeaway was a remote thermometer to see what the temp was in his bed for next time.


We camp way out 4x4 roads with kids- the GFC is the only way to sleep 4 without a tent and not be limited by a trailer or van setup in regards to rough roads. Plus a van or trailer are more expensive…

Basically the gfc has allowed us to keep camping way out there, and not be limited to hard to find tent spots up in the rockies.


Same here. The GFC = one less sprinter/van. No interest in a trailer either. We went the direction of the GFC because we want simple and didn’t want to be burdened with extra stuff. That and we get out back of beyond. Where a van and trailer wouldn’t be able to go.


We find it’s easiest to keep our youngest (20mo) warm up top between both adults. If that doesn’t work for you guys, then 2 layers of fleece jammies, a sleep sack on top of that, and ski mittens and a hat should be fine in the low 40s.


Good to hear you use your 4x4 to get out where others can’t. I enjoy doing the same. Most of my friends with kids either have 4x4 sprinters or trailers. I think it’s really cool you’re showing your kids a part of life many don’t see.


100% agree with this, although still do love the tent camping spots. Was very happy to be 7’ in the air over the weekend as we heard a lot of coyote calls near us!


Which remote thermometer and propane heater were you guys running? Planning for a similar trip soon.

I was using the larger mr buddy heater with the hinge doors cracked open an inch or two. Even on the low setting it ended up being about 70 degrees “downstairs”, we had a little baby monitor that tells temperature. I’d buy something simpler or honestly use one of my remote meat thermometers next time as weird as that sounds and buy a cheap carbon monoxide alarm.

Mr. Heater MH18B Propane Heater, Red

Nice, thanks for the link!

We have had countless trips down Baja and to the mountains with our GFC. As a daily diver to work and for a family of four to camp and sleep in, (with our dog)- it’s ideal. Here are some pics from a few weeks ago:


It’s a tight but cozy fit for our infant, dog, and us in our short bed tacoma but very workable!


You guys rock! Love the stoke and recommendations.

Love your bed buildout and color scheme. Would you mind sharing your family-friendly baja spots? I’ve been meaning to take my girls down for a while. Thanks!

I think Baja is great for families, but all that begins farther down both on the Gulf side and on the Pacific side. Since taking my wife and kids down there in recent years, we’ve been exploring more remote places on the Gulf side and loving that.

What’s everyone’s strategy when dealing with long drives and kiddos? I have a 9 month old and the wife and I are planning some trips for when we get our camper, but we’re concerned with keeping her entertained on long drives and avoiding meltdowns? How long do you guys typically push a stretch of road before you got to give them a break. Seems like a daunting task…


Just kidding.

My kid grew up riding in the car. I think you are the one who sets the standard of what to expect. Of course, there is a nature component to the nurture situation, and your kid may not be a car-rider. For me, as she got older, she had access to books, computer, kindle…and the snack bag. I wonder why she is never hungry?!


Definitely agree with all of this. When our daughter was 9 months or so, she still slept a lot and car rides were easier. Now that’s she’s almost 4, it’s lots of games/books/snacks/crying (everyone)/alcohol/screaming(parents). But in reality, we stop every few hours, let her run around, and get back in the car.

As I’m sure we’ve all learned, every kid is different.


Ketamine! Great idea.

That makes sense though, make it what she knows and she’ll grow up to love it I guess.

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