Custom F150 5.5’ V2 Camper

Am selling my V2 camper. I used to work for GFC and this is a custom built camper: will only work on non-sunroof trucks as it sits much lower to the roof, so it is quieter and cleaner aesthetically compared to the regular F150 model that is designed with the sunroof in mind. Will fit 15-current F150s without issue.

Camper does not have front or rear windows.
New Tangerine Tent with Side Doors
(3) Beef Racks
Ladder with Mantis Claw
GFC sheets
Puff pad

Delivered to SoCal with accessories would be $11k new. Asking $8000. Located in SoCal, but can meet in NorCal or Southwest region.

Big Sky Rod Box not included

You can see in this picture how much lower my camper sits to the roofβ€”this is why it will not work on a sunroof truck because it will touch the glass.

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Ok OK, your truck is WAY cooler than my truck (black one in your post) :wink: