Diesel Heaters do you all use?

Hey all,

Looking to add a diesel heater for winter ski trips. Has anyone used the Xventures heater?

Would love to hear thoughts on it or if there are other options I should look at for in the same price range.


I have this one from Overland Addicts - Planar 2KW. It is perfect.


Sounds like you have a pretty decent budget…

I bought one of the cheap Chinese heaters off of Amazon. I am actually pretty impressed at the volume of dry heat this machine can push out and with minimal fuel consumption. It cost in the neighborhood of $125 and was pretty easy to set up (install exhaust & air intake pipes). Way quieter than I imagined (almost zero exhaust sound). Came with an easy to use remote (ON, OFF, UP/DOWN [heat]). I have a 16’ insulted duct/hose coming that will get the air up and into my tent. I imagine a $500 or $1000 unit would be even more amazing. Anyway, diesel heat is definately a game changer in my book (right up there with solar).


I have the same and been using this one over the fall so far. Works great.

We definitely planned the build for awhile. I put the GFC deposit down over 2 years ago and just finally pulled the trigger & picked it up this month. This timeframe allowed us to plan the RIGD components (arriving tomorrow) the one-step instant “heater in a box” and the solar rig.

I think the Chinese versions are also fine. I opted for the Planar bc I have a lack of mechanical skills, wanted minimal maintenance, and wanted something that would potentially have less buildup. I read the 2kw versions can be easier to maintain bc you can run them at 40-70% vs running a massively powerful unit at 10% and having subsequent buildup. In any case, easy and more pricey or slightly less easy and way cheaper = but get a diesel heater and you will be thrilled!

Interesting! Are you keeping the Unit outside of the camper when it is running? Or do you pipe out the exhaust?

I am keeping it outside (out of an abundance of caution).

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Same. The yellow box can just sit in a foot of snow all night, or on a little table/shelf with a Yakima Cable lock/simple strap to keep things safe from casual theft or wind gusts.


I’m still rocking a home built Chinese heater, running it hard. Two years running! Almost a full year with the GFC. Ran it before though the window on my canopy.


I am sure it has been asked…

But what power source is everyone using for their heaters? Is any one using a power station like a Jackery 1000 or similar?

My reoccurring problem when I go down the heater/100ah battery rabbit hole is that I find myself spending ~4k to build a storage cabinet, inverter, charge controller, lithium battery, solar panel, heater, etc… Then I’m approaching used Four Wheel Camper Shell territory.

It would be really nice to just buy a power station and a heater in a box and be done with it. Be able to remove when not in use, etc.


I have used my goal zero 1400 for multiple days to run mine in the past.

But I do have an onboard battery and solar that I usually use.

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For me, I’m on the 100Ah battery program and I don’t regret it. I am actually going to go the opposite route to your description. I originally had the heater as you see it; but I’m going to do a significant mod and mount it permanently.

Over the last two weeks I’ve found the novelty of portability has worn off. I want to be able to just pull up, turn the power on, pop the tent and go! Hooking up all the crap in the external setup is just becoming tiresome.


Why do you need an inverter? 100AH lifepo battery is under $350 these days.

Purchased ours from Mainline Overland and run it from a GZ Yeti 1000x.

Easily could’ve saved some money and built something, but decided to err on the side of caution and let a professional handle the build on this one. We absolutely love it, works flawlessly every time and no issues at altitude so far. Running it all night uses about 8-10% of the GZ per day. And at this point, the “novelty of portability” hasn’t worn off…yet.

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I feel that, so tempted to see if I can mount mine inside the passenger fender well somehow… I’m not adverse to putting holes in my bed…

the heater came with a cable that ends in ring terminals, so for now I’m just packing my optima yellow top. It’s very simple, runs for many nights on a charge & I can also connect it to my solar panel to top off if I’m worried. When not using, I just pull both units and drop in the garage. I could also power from my goal zero 500x, but see no need. May eventually do a battery box with all of the ins-outs, but not short-term.

Inverters are, in my opinion, unnecessary for most people. The CLA port, or multiple USB, will suffice. I am more interested in a DC-DC connection so the battery inside the box can charge from either the running alternator OR the solar panel. The red arc kit from CEP plus a $200 solar rig from renogy is my likely solution. Under $1k, then add whatever battery you have around. Eventually add 100Ah lithium and now you’re at $1600-1800.


And this is all preference- but I like removing my rig between trips somewhat. I want an empty truck bed when not out on a big trip & the diesel heater is only necessary for a portion of the year in our region. All subjective.


7 mins before, 7 mins after, each trip. I think the modular aspect works really well for us.

I clipped off the ring terminals and put on APP connectors. Nice and easy to plug into the GZ.

Here is how mine is mounted! @ScottH and I spitballed ideas on exhaust.

Used it prob 5-6 nights so far. @psymmes loving my bag btw!