DIY Triangle Bags

First - elephant in the room - there is a RAD dude selling these here.

I think I even read that he used to be a GFC employee, so support him!

Now that is out of the way - I bought this sewing machine for the insulation and already finished that and then made some sheets - I figured I would try to construct a 3D part … and use my first ever zippers.



Awesome! I’ve been meaning to sew some of these for a while now. I previously sewed some frame bags for bikepacking a few years ago. I have a bunch of great fabric left over. Need to just sit down and do it.

Well that escalated quickly…

I spent $140 on a sewing machine a couple weeks ago, have been using it a fair bit since but never touched one before in my life… Spent $60 on materials for this bag at the fabric store and still have enough left over to probably do the other 3 triangles.

It has far fewer features than VRNCLR but this was my first time sewing in 3D and using zippers so I decided to bite off what I thought I could. It looks lumpy in this photo because the top isn’t attached yet - waiting on some rivets I am going to use on top to attach to accessory bolts.



looks great! gonna have to try this

I noticed you have the zippers on the inside of the bed, any reason?

first - the bag can go to other side of truck and have them facing out, so that’s just the side that was most accessible at 1am last night while i was putting it on… second, i am not sure if i will use them more from the outside or from the inside. TBH the side panels haven’t gotten much use lately but interior storage is at a premium. VRNCLR has zippers on both sides but the fabric store was low on zippers… :slight_smile:

(should also note - because the flap fully opens, getting the sewing machine in there to potentially add more zippers on the other side is totally doable)

I ask because I have the vnclr bag set. Mine don’t have internal access, all mine face outwards.

put them on the other side of the rig and they would face inwards ? i thought his bags had zippers on both sides so you could load from outside and “redeem” from inside… or get tow straps from outside on one side and keep your toilet paper inside on the other… hmm

The flap that attaches by grommet to the rail is facing a specific way, you can’t just flip it around. All good, I usually am in need of things while outside so it’s a non issue

Ahh… I put my flap and Velcro in the center so I could swap sides


Buys sewing machine… a week later makes pro level looking bags…

Awesome work man! Love that you just made it happen!


Yup that’s pretty impressive!

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Making stuff is fun, learning is fun, seeing is fun. I’ll be headed this way soon, I bought most of my bikepacking bags from Revelate, but then out of curiosity started sewing my own bags for my own bags for other bikes, or really specific purposes. DIY FOREVER. It ain’t less expensive, but it is great way to have a beer.


Awesome bags and inspirational post! I feel like I gonna unpack my old sewing machine soon :slightly_smiling_face:

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Made my second bag today. Took a couple hours less than the first - but added a front pocket which took some time to figure out first attempt.

Going for bag three this evening and think I can get that done in 3 hours.

2x Zippers: $3.50/ea = $7
1/2 yard Pack Cloth: $10/yd = $5
1/8 Pack Mesh: $8/pk = $1
Velcro: $1
Thread, basting tape, and Nylon ribbon: $1

Total Materials: $15


Don’t go selling them for $300, and you might get some customers!


If you decide to make some to sale and recoup some of your costs, I would be a potential buyer!

Finished all 4. The only one I will remake is the first one I made - really “mastered” my craft as I went along…


I have a few more suggestions for the DIY crowd out there on where to source materials and stuff…


  • No frills website that offers YKK zippers in every color, style, closure option, etc. Shipped in a day and delivered in 3.


  • Found this to be a good place to snag some outdoor worthy fabric in selections I didn’t see elsewhere. DO NOT SHOP HERE
  • Everyone should already know about this… but it’s worth repeating.
  • Was my favorite but since they have closed in store shopping, waiting a week for a local will call has turned me off a bit but still a good selection of all sorts of things.
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