Do not take camper through auto wash

For those of you who are as dumb as I am or at least as unfamiliar with anodized aluminum and it’s properties, do not take your camper through an auto wash. I probably should have known better but I was being lazy and not thinking about it. It appears to have permanently stained the extrusion rails due to whatever harsh chemicals the wash was running. Any advice on how to somewhat improve this situation?

Oh snap, I have taken mine through and this didn’t happen bit appreciate you posting. I guess I should avoid it. Did you try just soapy water and elbow greese?

Yikes! I’ve taken mine through a good number of times and this hasn’t happened.

edit: it would be nice to hear from others who use auto wash and if your situation is a one-off!

Some info in here. Hope it helps!


I wouldn’t fit in an auto car wash, and always keep the truck clean at home with a pressure washer. I’m getting similar staining along the front and top front of the extrusion.

Gonna try the suggestion above with soapy water and green scotch bright next wash.

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Did GFC provide any feedback? This just happened to mine as well.