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@Hawaiiantyle13 came across this youtube vid last night, FINALLY! 400W DC Car Charging for Power Stations | EcoFlow Delta 2 - YouTube he just posted it yesterday.

there’s a lot of guys on this forum that already have those portable battery units, but a lot of the portable units have the hidden catch of very slow dc charging off a cigarette port. This guy talks through using a 12v → 24v victron power convertor to use the MPPT input on his EcoFlow2 unit. So instead of just 8amps/12v (96watts) of input) he’s able to add 400 watts off his alternator/vehicle battery. Still a $200-300 solution when you add up the wiring, breaker, bus bars, and the victron unit, but it might be easier to swallow for some that have already invested in those portable battery units.


My electric knowledge… is limited. This video was pretty solid getting me roped into this idea.
Thanks for the share.

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If I saw that video a year ago, I would have been tempted to go that route. Still very happy with my Explorist Victron designed system, but it’s more on the glamping/luxury side of things.