Factory tonneau cover removal questions

Production due to start soon on my gfc and trying to get the truck prepped.

I have a 2016 tacoma with a factory tonneau cover. Was thinking about selling the trifold tonneau before heading out and definitely need to remove it in either case but I am seeing that there may be some rubber caps and other things that have been done to prevent water from entering the bed with the cover and for install.

Has anyone removed one of these tri fold hard plastic oem tacoma tonneau covers for the install of their gfc and have any tips for me?

If you are going to sell the cover, swap bedrails with the buyer. The bedrails are notched for the tonneau. You don’t need notched bedrails without the tonneau and they will.

Seal the front bed corners before gfc install. The tonneau comes with “sealing” for the front corners. The buyer may want those sealing blocks. Either way, you can seal your truck bed corners without those sealing blocks.

Seal under the bedrails before gfc install.

If you are keeping the cover for some reason, keep the original bedrails that came with it.


Think I am going to try to sell it beforehand then and swap rails with someone hopefully. If not I guess I will just leave the notched rails on there.

Do you think the pins will get in the way of the install?

If you’re going to swap bedrails with the sale of your cover these are my recommendations in prepping your truck for your install. Here’s a link for my detailed write up on prepping your truck for install.

Already had that bookmarked! Thank you for those instructions and the help here

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Is your a long or short box? This guy is looking for a a cove for a long box.

Short box unfortunately but good looking out. I’ll post in that marketplace too

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I’ve been running the GFC on my dcsb that came with the the factory tonneau. I wouldn’t be surprised if I’ve been running it with this set up longer than anyone else (camper 17) in the rainy NW.

While I have had leaking issues in other places, I’ve had no issues what-so-ever with the bed rails being a week point.

I left the cutout ones on, never changed a thing.

Obviously, your mileage may vary but this is how it went for me.

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Very good to hear. I’m selling the tonneau cover tommorow and swapping the rails to the non notched ones the buyer has.

Where did you have leaking issues from? The tailgate bottom and the storage cubbies?

I had leaking from the camper section, mostly through capillary action. That’s been mostly solved by new hinges (old design) and a warranty seal application. As well as replacing from and rear bar to the new design because mine were rusting internally, known issue.

I’ve never had any leaking around lower door seals or the seal around the frame though. I don’t even have issues in the cubbies or tailgate gaps.

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