Flight Deck discontinued?

Had reached out to GFC and mentioned I would pick up flight deck when I got my install. Just noticed they don’t have it on their website anymore. Guess that is the issue with the long lead times is they may discontinue the products you want in the interim?

Discontinued? Even worth it?

Yea but when the only place to buy it is from a third party I suspect it is not actually available. Could be wrong…

Yea - entirely possible! I reached out previously so I will be sure to note the response here (both to GFC and to Overland Addict)

They (Overland Addict) have 2 full decks in stock for a short bed taco. No option to buy only the partial deck though. Still no reply from GFC.

Made this last night instead for $100 all in:


Really good work… … 20

And on the truck - was finally able to use Flex Seal and not just in a meme.


A bedcover I made… and had to discard due to the weight…
Seeing your work, reminded me… Gotta love, turnbuckles… Used them to tension both down (underneath) and up… Interesting project…

turnbuckles with a little blue loctite ftw!

Nice use of the Jeep crate!

Yep, it is there to add structure and stiffness to the very thin plywood… This project evolved, from when there were no Gladiator bedcovers available… 2019…

Really heavy first build… and fun…

Laid all the random pieces of wood… edge to edge across the bed… and sawed them off to fit… :crazy_face:

I use stainless sailboat turnbuckles. They have nuts to lock them. Don’t they all?

The $3 ones from Lowe’s do not - but you’re right my sailboat had them with lock nuts on the stay cables.

If these fail but otherwise the system is good, I can look at better options. As for now - these will do just perfect.

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