FOR SALE: Heavily Modified V2 for SB Toyota Tacoma - MISSOULA, MT $8500 (Price Drop)

Hey Everyone,

Skip the August wait times and the new $750 price increases coming…plus enjoy the benefits of all the add ons you will want to have!

The time has come and I am looking to possibly sell my V2 camper that is heavily modified. Looking to get into a different setup and start a new journey. No I am not selling the truck :wink:

These are just a couple of the photos (more than happy to take photos of exact parts of the camper as well). I am probably one of the most active forum users on here so you can easily find more photos in the “pudding” or “the random GFC photo thread”. In 2023, I have spent 65 nights in this camper alone (I was the second person and 1 of 2 to hit “Weekend Legend” on here) . It’s well used, but also well loved. Lots of add ons to make it even better!

Unit: V2 #4407 - side windows on the tent, no cab windows ($8300 without install fee). has some slight scratches on the driver side panel along with the rear but nothing major cosmetically)

Picked up in Bozeman on 10/23/2022.

List of Upgrades:

-water intrusion update (never leaked prior and still doesn’t)

-175w Renogy Panel ($275)

  • Duluth Trading Co back organizer ($75)

  • Carpet Headliner ($100)

  • Interior RGB Stripe lights for both upstairs and downstairs ($75)

  • @Buhlockaye lock covers ($80)

  • @jedgar Drip Rails ($100)

  • Overland Soft Goods 1" topper plus sheets ($150) can also include Hest Dually Long

  • Starlink Mount with cable holders ($50)

  • @Eisenheim printed grab handles ($30)

  • 4x GFC Awning mounts ($265)

  • 2x awning poles plus mounts ($50)

  • 2x @jedgar interior step ups ($80)

Location: Missoula MT

Price: $8500




What’s next? Earthroamer?


Super Pacific or something similar.


I like what ur thinkin!

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Then we can all fit together in one truck!

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Hey! I’m interested in your camper. I live in Jackson Wyoming so not too far from ya.
307-713-6369 shoot me a text.



Hey man. Is the price negotiable at all? I am in Kalispell.

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Sending you a message on here

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Killer deal for a well taken care of camper with lots of goodies to keep you comfortable for extended periods out in the woods. Highly recommend; great seller too!

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Hello! I’m in in Missoula - any chance I could see in person, if it hasn’t sold?

Still available. When are you free?

Price drop: $10,000 to match the “Black Friday” sale.

Price drop to $9000 - Ready to move this camper!


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Skip the wait time of August for a camper!