For Sale: V2 - Chevrolet/GMC (Silverado/Sierra) 1500 5.8' Bed (2014-2018)

GFC V2, built April 2021, on a Chevy 1500 5.8’ bed. Fits any Chevy 1500 from 2014-2018.

I am absolutely in love with the GFC. I have camped in it a fair amount but I am looking to get a newer truck. Once I get a new truck I most likely will put another GFC on it. Currently am living in Austin, Texas. Will be back in Bozeman and around the Montana area throughout this summer. Would travel (reasonably) to sell.

Unit #1691
Truck Model: 2018, Chevy, Silverado/Sierra, 68" - $6875
Panel Color: Black
Double Tent Doors - $525
Windows - both windows - $400
Prime cut accessory package - $921.60

Total paid - $8721.60.

Asking $7000. Willing to negotiate. In great condition.