For Sale - V2 Tacoma DCLB (Gen 3 Tacoma) - SLC, UT

Looking to sale my camper. V2 Build# 3066

Save your self some time and the energy, this has most of the add ons you could want.

It been a great camper, I’m just looking to go a different direction. I do NOT have the original sleeping pads. I yee’ed them and replaced them with the Exped Duo.

List of Upgrades:

• 3 tent windows
• Shittco door awning kit x3 ($300)
• JE design Drip trays ($100
• Rear glass
• Tent and bed lights matt gecko light ($150)
• Ruff road designs Molle panel ($250)
• Aux beam 6B switch panel ($150)
• Exped duo air mattress ($400)
• Upgraded door latches ($160)
• Extra Gzila mounting hardware

-With the switch panel all you’d have to do is mount the control box and run power to it.

Price: $8,000

Located in - SLC, UT

Shoot me a text if interested: 801-889-6852

How far are you from San Diego California? You willing to do some driving?

what size tacoma bed is this?

Its for the longbed