FS build spot 2517 - XL Camper ready to chose options and pay Invoice

Decided to sell my truck and just want to recover my $500 deposit. This is for an XL but no options have been chosen yet and the Invoice was not paid yet.

Will they let you change it for a standard size?

I’m not sure but I can reach out and ask

I do not think they will as the XL and standard slots are separate lines for production planning.

Ok thanks for the info. I sent an email but haven’t received a response

To my knowledge its after the options are chosen and the final invoice is paid. No options are actually selected until you get emailed a link to select what all you want and then you pay the final invoice.

Still for sale? I have a F250 -2021 6"8 bed

@mikemadf250 yep it’s still available

can you check on the build date and if it will fit on a ford 250 - 6"8 bed

@mikemadf250 I sent you a DM

@Schmidtbags18 I finally got an email back from GFC and they will allow the spot to be changed to a standard size. Once options have been chosen and the invoice has been paid they will not allow that change. But I have NOT chosen options or paid the invoice yet. Let me know if you are still interested.

@brandstetter.a this spot 2517 is available and can be for a standard or XL

Thanks! I am interested

Ok great @brandstetter.a i am Sending you a DM

The spot is SOLD. Enjoy the camper @brandstetter.a !!!