FS: V1 RTT (2019) with extras

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Wondering what your schedule/transport to Seattle could look like. I’m definitely interested, but cannot make the trek to MN anytime soon.

I do like the way that sounds. I’d be inclined to see if we can meet at GFC and have them assist with the install with the 5th gen mounting brackets and shark fin delete. I’m not well equipped at my house in Seattle to do an uninstalls/install.

I’ll reach out today and get back to you.


Would really love to see this go to a happy home. Will part with the tent and extras for $2000 if you pick it up in Minneapolis. Willing to consider driving a day or two in any direction, but would need to recoup costs for delivery.

Extra bonus for anybody that has a 3rd gen Tacoma, if you’re interested in the Flight Deck I’ll throw it in for $500.

hey man definitely interested in this. I am in CO - you got any plans to ever be around this way?

Very interested in your set up. I live 90 miles NE from the Twin Cities but will be in the S. St. Paul area next week on 12/12-14. Would love to take a look and have lots of questions on how well it might work on my truck. Is it now off your Tacoma?