FS - V2 for 3rd Gen Nissan Frontier for Sale - $6500

For Sale

2022 GFC V2 for 3rd Gen Nissan Frontier 5ft bed (2022~)

$6,500 (OBO)

I can also include;
400w mono crystal solar panels
200ah lifepo4 batteries
Renogy DC to DC & Solar charger
Additional bedding configuration boards
Additional bedding mattresses
Solar & electric heated water tank and brackets

GFC condition;
A few scratches on side panels from off-road activities. No serious modifications involving structural integrity of GFC. I also have additional bedding trays & cushions.

Reason for selling GFC;
Change of a plan on future travel & camping. We are going with SUV & small trailer set up once we sell GFC and truck. If interested, we can also sell GFC & truck together.

2022 Nissan Frontier PRO 4X & GFC together;
2022 Nissan Frontier PRO 4X (Nisstec lift w/33” tires $6k upgrade - 25.5k miles) - $36.5k + GFC $6.5k = $43k. (Comes with all electric components, fridge, bed build or I can remove everything from the truck bed - I recommend include all - worth more than $3,000 new)

Location; Santa Fe, NM (I can deliver up to 500 mile radius)

Could you upload some additional photos of the Frontier as well? I’m trying to find a GCF+Truck combo

Thanks for the extra photos! I’m going to try sitting in one of these at a dealership this week and how it feels inside. Reviews look good, minus the back seat bench for comfort and storage. What gas mileage have you experienced getting out of it?

Alright! I am getting very similar to manufacture stated gas mileage (maybe 1~2 miles per gallon less) after I installed INNO wind fairing (it made a huge difference after losing 3~4 miles per gallon installing; GFC, 4" lift, additional leaf spring, 33" tires). Also, since it is Nisstec lift, the ride did not change from the stock version…

Uploading: 4924AA86-15DE-4611-801E-8E2953D54678.heic…

Uploading: 7B590B56-324D-4E8D-A0D2-4E11B501AB19.heic…
Uploading: 640C98E9-71B7-4C84-B63A-C5AD20FDF905.heic…

More pictures for your reference. So you can see in action. I forgot to mention that I also have cell signal booster installed and diesel heater platform & outlet installed over the cab (shown picture). Then, the platform outlet double as connection for 4 gal pressurized water heater set up. If you are interested, I can include all of these things.

BTW - 2nd to the last picture shows I am using rice cooker & electric skillet at the same time with 1200w inverter. (I also forgot to mention). The rig has more electric power than some RVs…

Hey, I am definitely interested. I just bought a 23 Nissan frontier last week and have been looking at every option to putting a camper on it. I currently have an xtusion bed rack on order and have been looking at RTT. But can’t get over the fridge getting wet or stolen out of the back.

The downside is that I live in Nashville which is roughly 1200 miles from you. Let me talk with the wife tonight, see what we can figure out.

Love what you have done with the rig. What is that platform extending off the tailgate? Or am I just looking at carpet covering the tailgate?

Hi Jbrazeal, awesome! Basically, just carpet covering the tailgate! Let me know what your wife said. We have airbnb on site, so maybe we can work things out and even transfer the GFC together onto your bed…

Deposit received!