FS V2 Ford Ranger 5 Foot Camper Portland Oregon $6500

V2 GFC Camper 5 foot Ford Ranger $6500

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    V2 GFC Camper 5 foot Ford Ranger
  • Tangerine tent color with doors on all sides
  • Front Window / No rear window
  • JE Design Drip Rails
  • 3 GFC Beef Bars
  • Molle front panel with window cut out
  • 2 GFC awning brackets
  • GFC hardware for beef bars
  • Overland Soft Goods mattress topper and GFC red flannel fitted Sheets
  • GFC billet bed rail hardware

The Tangerine tent material was installed a year ago with no issues with any zippers or water leakage. I had Gray originally but there was a sewing issue and replaced along with wet weather prepping a year ago when they passed through the PNW.

  • Why I’m Selling:

I love the GFC and never thought about getting rid of it, but I have the opportunity to work with Super Pacific and don’t have room to keep it.

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Portland, Oregon
Let me know what photos you may want to see - I can also reach out through Instagram @geojenkins

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Damn if you were near Boulder I’d be all over that

Also random question what mudflaps are you running? I also have a ranger tremor


Ford Ranger 2019-2023 Mud Flaps — RokBlokz XL version on the tremor