Gas Mileage Effects

Cutting it down was very easy… i kept it at the level of the bottom of the slots… so the cuts were pretty easy connecting the dots. That’s where my maxtrax will be too… i don’t want those inside after being used

Tundra, 35" tires, and I loose 1.5MPG at 75MPG with the GFC on the back.

So I’ve been looking around for a rack that works on a double cab long bed (DCLB) as there is less camper overhang on this set up. The Prinsu Habitat is too short and leaves a big gap. Others seem too long and would need to be trimmed. The Martin Offroad Camper Rack is designed for either a short bed or long bed tacoma and they said they have a longer camper rack designed for the DCLB roof that uses the Tacoma factory mounting points. The Sherpa Animas (version D) also fits the DCLB with a GFC - so my question is, has anyone put The Martin Camper Rack or the Sherpa Animas on a DCLB and noticed either an increase in gas mileage or a degrease in gas mileage? As this is my daily driver, MPG matters to me more and I’m wondering if the rack helps to direct air over the camper or if it just creates more drag (without anything mounted on the rack, like on the way to work).

  • Or in other words, can I use MPG as my excuse for buying a rack?

The rack won’t affect MPG, just wind noise

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We have been told by a few customers of ours that they actually see an increase in MPG after installing our Animas Rack in front of their GFC.

Any feedback on how many MPGs?

Just installed on my 2020 RAM 1500 and saw a drop of 3 MPGs. The 5th gen RAMs have a super low drag coefficient so I think that’s why it was such a big difference. I also have a significant whistle but am hopeful that maybe it is the beef racks and I can move them back or remove them when not needed maybe. Definitely worth it still but was hoping to see less of a MPG loss and less noise.

I have the 2018 classic 1500. Same MPG drop.

How is the ride for you?

Oh interesting. That makes me feel better that it is a normal drop. Ride seems great to me so far. Haven’t really noticed it back there. You?

The only thing I’ve noticed is it actually ride better BUT is a bit squishier on bumps
Etc. I am going to upgrade to Bilstein 4600 shocks to eliminate this. Overall super stoked on it. I only
Hope when it comes
Time for a new truck in the future I try to replace trucks at about 200,000-250,000 that GFC will still be chugging. Otherwise I will need to get a truck with the same dimensions.
Really pleased w all aspects.