General GFC Appreciation Post

As we go into the holidays, I want to take a moment and just say THANKS to the GFC team.

It’s no secret - I waited for a camper forever and then got it with issues. I was a bit frustrated at that point and had heard others on this forum say discouraging things like “good luck getting help” and “they won’t help”…

A company can choose to respond to people in different ways. So far, GFC has been really the best I can imagine. They listen, take it seriously, solve problems, and are good with support and warranty. They could just as easily ignore you or blame you for issues without seeking to understand the issue (trust me - I have a motorcycle part mfg who is doing just this and it is horrible).

I have said it before, and will say it again - but when people start companies they often don’t do so with the primary goal of building a huge customer service department. Usually they lead with stoke - to make the coolest campers in this case. The sexy part is making cool stuff and engineering neat solutions. The day to day is assembly, installation, and customer service/warranty. Think about a band who really like writing music but ends up spending most of their time playing the same 2 songs that were featured on Dawson’s Creek 15 years earlier…

Today GFC is doing a few cool things that I don’t think get much credit:

  • They are a direct to consumer product (this means the prices are lower but they are the full support network - no one to pass the buck to like an install shop or 4x4 parts warehouse)
  • They are standardizing and automating manufacturing - this means lower wait times. It also means lots more campers on the road!
  • Paying a living wage to their employees
  • American Made - cool to know this is actually made in the place you pick it up at
  • They are innovating in really clever ways. These campers are pretty amazing - kind of like utilitarian art you can sleep in…
  • Providing a DIY platform for some and a market opportunity for others to create accessories within a community

So because the company is focused on selling and supporting their products directly, but also ramping up production and sales at the same time, there is suddenly a huge increase in campers out there and thus product feedback coming in to their design department. Some things are defects or issues, some are nice to haves, some are just desired accessories - but all of it needs to go through an intake process, get categorized, and then prioritized for action. Even with all this feedback coming in - some no doubt just noise, I have received excellent service and always a follow up after a few days. In addition, the company is demonstrating they take things seriously. They did this first with the V1 hinges and even going so far as the PIT where they would come to you… that is unheard of. They are doing it again now with the DIY weatherizing kit.

It is such a cool feeling to know that an investment in a camper like this comes with the goodness of a company that listens, wants to be constantly improving, is willing to work out issues (on the rare occasion they come up), and generally just creates a buzz of continuous stoke.

Special thanks to @GFC_Calder, @BigMikeOfficial, @GFC-Stephan for making me, one of thousands of camper owners, feel important and listened to. I wish more companies were like y’all. Sorry for being such a squeaky wheel.


I will echo this sentiment… even though I’ve had my share of frustration, I can see that GFC is truly committed to doing things right even if the process to get there needed to be fine-tuned… I can say I’m proud to be a GFC owner.


Yep, what they said… I’m a happy V1 owner. Thanks GFC!



I pick mine up in January but have following them since their first campers. Even cooler to see the standard they are setting for third party products. JE design and Aeronaut to name a couple have been rolling out super high quality products to go along with these campers. Super niche market in the grand scheme of things but cool to see good people attracting good people.


Well said man. I say this about some frame builders that I am privileged to know and even more privileged to own (and ride) their work. The bicycle and the build process is important. But even more important is the community. The bike (or camper) brings us together…but it’s about a whole lot more than the bike (or camper). Cheers.