HELP With Preparing 3rd GEN Taco For GFC install

My install is coming up (6/7) so I am trying to decide if I should do anything to seal the bed rails on my 3g Tacoma. I currently have a trifold tonneau cover on my truck and haven’t had issues with much dust or water intrusion. Actually, I had expected more dust and water given that the seals don’t lay down very good over the area where the tonneau cover folds.

Here’s what I have done or am planning to do for sealing up the bed:

  • Installed foam plugs to fill the gaps on either side of the bulkhead (these were included with the tonneau cover);
  • Installed Bedrug XLT, which has an extra piece of the bedrug material (without foam backing) covering the tailgate gap;
  • Planning to install the tailgate seal recommended by for the tailgate sides.

I’m leaning against sealing the bed rails since I haven’t been having issues, what do you guys think?

i would seal under the bed rails. its a fairly quick and easy thing to do and not very costly. its not as easy to do once the camper is on there and to me at least - the juice is definitely worth the squeeze

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100% agree with on sealing the bed rails.

sorry, total newbie, did you have to remove the bed rails, or just left on bed rails, and sealed along edges? Appreciate your help

@bomendoza remove them. its easy. pull up from back edge - its a bunch of plastic clips. im about to get on a flight. there are decent “how too” about.

Thanks guys, I’m going to seal them.

a start on videos. there are quite a few i think