Hole in Roof - Roof replacement, anyone done it yet?

Branch came down and left a bit of a dent on the plastic roof and a little hole in the first layer of plastic. At least it didn’t go all the way through and actually held up better than maybe a metal roof… imagine metal would have had a big dent. Fortunately it was just parked and NOT being camped in and it didn’t even hit the aluminum - for now I have slapped some flex seal tape on it but not sure how permanent I want that to be…

Anyone had to replace their roof yet? Did GFC mail you a panel or make you drive to Montana? Hoping to avoid a 3rd GFC related drive to MT in 2 years.

Before anyone says anything - this is not a warranty issue. GFC did nothing wrong. Act of God and expect to pay for the replacement.

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Do you have insurance on the camper? Perhaps it’s worth it to go through insurance and make them fund the shipment. I’m in the same boat, did a little roof damage through my own stupidity. It just hasn’t gotten so bad yet that I need to replace it. But I can say with absolute certainty that you CANNOT kneel on the roof to reach over for straps. :joy:

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Yeah… I mean technically yes, but not really trying to mess with my premium over something like the plastic camper roof. My deductible is also probably higher than the shipping costs…probably.

Always a good thought, I had the same issue when the wind picked up my canoe and smashed it. I probably could’ve gone through insurance; but having just had a major claim with a bike theft last year I definitely didn’t want to tack another one on.

Not sure how it works in the US, but up here you’re able to start the process and decide after the fact with no impact on your rates. That way you’re able to make a judgement call on the value.

Yo @the_philxx - Maybe don’t park under sketchy trees? But in all seriousness, we would recommend J-B MarineWeld to seal that small hole in the first layer.

If you’d rather go the replacement route, the roof is $233 before shipping.


This ain’t even the worst tree experience I’ve had in the past few years… but yea, noted :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info! I will reach out if necessary. Appreciate the reply!


I thought they said somewhere you could walk on the roof ?
It cracked when you kneeled on it?
Good to know. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Pretty sure they have said the opposite multiple places


Yeah. I swear I saw it on their Instagram, but I must be mistaken. I never would have walked on it, but maybe kneeled on it . :grimacing:

Def can’t. You probably heard them saying you can’t walk on it and heard what you wanted :wink:

It’s really thin compared to interior floor sections and obviously a larger span.

Someone did say you can walk on the beef rack cross bars but I’m no gymnastics wizard…

You can walk on the topper roof but not the camper I think. They have been promoting that a bunch which definitely adds some confusion


And yet this is on the website…


Dannnng. I’d be too afraid

Exactly; it’s that type of Tom foolery that will get a knee dent in your roof. Sure you CAN stand on the extrusion. But should you?

It all depends on your own personal risk tolerance :joy:

You can if you are as skinny as Ted. :laughing:

Yeah definitely not skinny like Ted.

I have stood on the roof like this before. Like everyone said it’s not recommended but if you’re careful and not a fat ass it can be done. Most of the time if I do get up there I will balance on the beef rack bar but never put full weight right on the honeycomb.

Some behind the scenes info on that photo. That rig usually has a bunch of sleeping bags and pillows stuffed inside the tent. Compressed bedding in sufficient quantity will actually act as a support for the roof :slight_smile:

These panels are quite durable. We don’t recommend standing on the because even though they are incredibly impact resistant, the do scratch and dent. This isn’t a problem at all from a function/structure standpoint (the roof isn’t heavily stressed) but not everyone is okay with cosmetic damage.

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If the hole is at the right spot for a max fan, perhaps just bite the bullet and make it bigger to add one for the same price as replacing the roof. Consider it a forced upgrade.


If I didn’t already have one - and yea, if you got lucky and it was in the right spot. This one is not where I would have installed a fan. I do have an extra Maxx Fan tho - maybe I could double up and get a cross breeze kinda thing going?

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