How does your tent perform in the wind?

I’m less focused on high winds, I’m thinking of winds 15-30MPH. Here’s what happens and how I’ve temporarily solved it.

From the factory, there’s no way to tension and secure the flaps of the GFC door tent so that they don’t flap around and whack against the side of the tent in the wind. Ground tents all have this.

Just using tarp clips to tension the sides to the external tracks solves this problem. Its not solved by zipping the doors all the way down because there’s still no downward tension on the tent fabric. Without that tension, every gust pushes the slack fabric up against the inside of the tent and creates 30-50db impacts.


very clever! thanks for the idea!!!


Agreed, I’m still curious as to the method behind the madness of these not being fully zipped? Over the weekend I had snow billow up inside the back door. I woke up to an internal blizzard.


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what about velcro along the bottom - seems like would do the trick without going crazy with modifying… i bet there’s something that could be done fairly easily to help keep the flap closed all the way… i really like this solution of just putting a tarp clip in the middle but that wouldn’t stop the wind from blowing snow in…

another option - and one that i don’t totally love but hey - i am already planning on it, is just not using the tent in certain conditions and sleeping “downstairs” on the bench which conveniently doubles as a sleep platform. this also has the added benefit of making the mattress your upper insulation and a much smaller area to heat with a heater.

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This looks like an easy and simple solution. What sort of hooks did you use with the tarp clips in the first pic? And do you have any issues with them sliding around at all?

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They are just small S hooks from the hardware store. There’s enough tension that they don’t slide around. They do scratch the paint a bit though.

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Nice, Thanks! I was thinking maybe a rubber coating on the end of the s hook might help with scratching and sliding if that was an issue.

plasti-dip them!! that would do it


I was told that the tent doors do not have full zippers because:

“The reason we do not zip the bottom doors is because it is a single wall tent and you need air moving through the tent to minimize condensation build up.”

Yet they offer the tent without side doors so they could actually offer them with full zippers and leave it up to the user to choose to fully zip or not