Interior Lighting

I plan to put some LED strips in the side channels of the tent and I’m wondering how people have routed the wiring down into the bed and where people have placed the switch for their lighting up in the tent? Any tips and pictures are appreciated!

Here’s another vote for Hardkorr lights. With some vhb or gorilla tape and a little bit of cutting and soldering the extra lengths of extension cable, I think it makes for a really clean install.

I didn’t cut any of the pigtails on the lights themselves so if I ever want to redo it I just need more cables from Hardkorr (or Amazon, they look like generic connectors).

I’ve been really happy with these lights thus far and I plan to add 2 more bars “upstairs” on a separate switch.

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Great update on the lighting. Appreciate it y’all. Thanks, TexasMarshall

Hard wired to battery