ISO GFC for 3rd gen tacoma sb, in Arizona

Only looking for campers in Arizona, thanks

I think there was one up for sale on tacomaworld a month ago. I cant remember the user name tho. But might be a good idea to ask on there aswell.

I think I did see it, but it was for a long bed unfortunately

Oh it was? Damn. Well they pop up time to time. And with Christmas right around the corner i think a few will pop up to free up some funds. What part of az you in? Im up in show low

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Gotcha, fingers cross for Christmas lol, I’m in Phoenix!

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Haha yeah hopefully someone needs sone cash. And nice. Will be good to get more gfc owners around az

hi there @barce – i’m currently selling a brand new Platform RTT located in Tucson, AZ. lmk if you’re interested, cheers! BRAND NEW Platform RTT - South West