Jump Seats in Camper Bed

Looking for ideas for my 2012 Tundra Rock Warrior jump seat install. Underneath is a washable bed rug which I’d like to remove and power wash. So, I’m looking to securely attach the seats but have the ability to quick disconnect for cleaning and maintenance.


The first thing that comes to mind is to incorporate some cotter pins that can be pulled for easy removal. Probably 4 cotter pins secured to or through the bed would do it, I think. Good luck. Post pics of the final setup.


My local hardware store is well stocked with all kinds of stuff. I will post bolt sizes and pictures of the previous attachment points in the tundra cab. I used a 14mm to remove most of the bolts.

Maybe, contact a welder to make a base for it with cotter pin or something similar to attach to. The weight of the seat should hold it in place.

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I’d personally use some airline style L track. Low profile when the seats are out and you could use it for cargo too. Airline Track Style 96" Angled Track - Aluminum %


every time I find myself content with what I have you put stuff like this on me and now I need to find a use for it :confounded: :thinking:

rant over, this would be great for the jump seats and make them the length of of the bed for cargo management but it wouldn’t work that all that great with a bedrug

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Maybe something as simple as angle iron would suffice? Its cheap and generally available at all hardware stores. From there you could use a cotter pin or strap setup, whichever is easier. Just tossing out ideas.


I see you have tie downs in the corners. Ratchet strap across the seat AND it can be used to tie down the kids


I could run 2x4 the length of the back and two small wood pieces at the base to screw into with some hex head screws and washers. Notice the back of the seats have a metal Upside down J trough. I could put 3 or 4 tie down eyelets and cable running thru or small ratchets and make eyelet attachments on either side.

I like the L track airline eyehook idea for the upper part and perhaps just screw in the base to wood. Just unhook the back and move the seat for cleaning.

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this looks terrifying and my only suggestion is to turn them around so they face backwards…remove the tailgate and all the GFC doors, and use the Brat style handles instead of seatbelts. Make sure to lubricate everything with plenty of alcohol.


:joy: I remember being quite upset as a kid when my parents decided to buy the wagon instead of the Brat. Apparently they had some safety concerns about the rear seating.

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I should add this is no longer for transportation of humans. It will function as a couch. My Toyota dealer had me contact the state police about this mod more so with having to do with the back seat removal.

Besides, I have no friends, camping family or hitchhikers that would sit there especially when the vehicle is in motion.


Remember what NWA said about the police…


This is the back attachment part in the cab. If I could remove that and reattach in the camper I could simply reuse the same bolts.

From what I’m understanding from a quick and dirty you tube search is I could pickup a hole punch to hammer out the painted over rivets and buy a river gun to reattach in the truck bed.

Or drill it out? Maybe get a few self drilling screws instead of buying a river gun.

a) how much does it bounce around back there while not tied down?

b) who cares if you take out your back seat?

c) I would be disappointed if people didn’t ride back there

d) if you really want to use the original mounts, hit up the junk yard

Those may be spot welds vs rivets. In my experience factory brackets like that can be pretty difficult to remove without destroying them. Plus it is nice to keep thing reversible if needed.

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A) the mounts fold onto themselves because it’s not bolted to the floor. It’s a folding seat. So sitting on it unbolted it will fall over.
B) inspection failure is a thing in some states. So, I checked. Why own a truck when one can’t drive it?
C) wouldn’t make a difference going to a junk yard when the original mounts aren’t being used in the cab. Simply looking for advice on how to remove them.

I’ll try drilling it out. I already bought some wood and large hex screws. So if it doesn’t come easy I’ll use the 2x6.

update: Going with L-track. The wood setup was sketchy and the seats want to fold or fall over. It’s on order. I’ll post pictures in a week or so. With the wood setup I can sit and chill out but it’s not a permanent solution.