Leaking in the camper

Hey so I have been having leaks on the front corner of my camper one in the top corners and two in the bottom corners where the camper meets the bed rails any ideas?

Are you referring to rain leaks when the camper is up or washing and rain leaks with camper down?


When the camper is down just sitting on my truck as a canopy

What kind of truck do you have?

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Can you take a photo and point out where the leak is? There are lots of spots that could be what you’re describing and all of those require different approaches. Cheers!

2008 Tacoma

Looks like unfortunately you’re going to have to re-do the bulb seal. Not really a big deal, just grab a few pals and some grub for payment.

I have an 08 Tacoma also. I had to do a lot of waterproofing to my bed before install (removed bed rail caps and sealed holes under, used black silicone in corners, added a tailgate waterseal kit, etc.) It looks like you’re dealing with the same thing here, these 2nd gen Tacomas are notoriously leaky.


To me (I have a 3rd gen Tacoma and the 2nd gen bed is very similiar) it looks like you either need to get some silicone between in the gap that is from the factory between the head bed rail and the side. Or you are getting water getting forced under your side bed rail cap then coming in underneath it and dripping into the bed. Both leaking locations were ones that I needed to rectify when I had my Leer topper before my GFC.

An easy way to help diagnose is to have someone spray a hose at the outside of those areas. I would explore those options before jumping at redoing the bulb seal. The silicone at the junction of the head and side rail caps is seal-able without having to remove the camper (it just easier if the camper is removed).

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Exactly. Need to seal the gap in the bed. No idea why Toyota designed the bed this way :pensive:

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If you add a full bed rug it will just leak though the back side of the rug and keep your bed dry.

That sounds like a mold festival

If you’ve never used it be very careful. But this will will every gap.


Naw it’s made for that stuff no different than having a normal topper on it n a bed rug

The backside isn’t carpet n the carpet part your suppose to just power wash it to clean it it’s made for a truck bed…

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when I read leaking in the camper I think yea just take a wide mouth bottle up with you…:slight_smile:

Hello I have the same issue, in the front the rubber seal clearly does not go all the way to the edge. The rear has a big gap, I was just going to plug it up with some sealent, any thoughts against this?

also anyone have good suggestions to seal the tacoma tailgate itself?

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Butyl Tape works super well and its much cleaner than silicone. I would just lookup a tailgate seal, but for where the bed meets the tailgate on the bottom, a good double wide strip of gorilla tape will do the trick

Hey guys reaching out again I live north of Seattle and it rains a lot just did a little trip and couldn’t believe how much my canopy leaked in the bottom where the seal meets the bed and along the top sides and top corners any one else had this problem? I feel like this shouldn’t be happening for how much I paid and how long I waited any suggestions?

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I also live in Seattle And started to get leaking on my Tacoma V1 in the upper sections (not along the bulb seal). This was ultimately fixed by warranty with GFC as the seal between the tent section and space frame was incomplete.

I believe GFC may also talk to you about capillary action helping water migration. I haven’t seen the insides of the V2 or a detailed look at the seal changes but I would start with them. See if you can pin point the origin In the next storm. For me, I couldn’t see any leaking with just the hose needed to be a downpour or a multi day rain in fall.

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