Looking for photos of grey panels on a cement Tacoma

I need to make my color choices soon (woo!) and I’m debating between grey and black panels.

Anyone have photos of gray panels on a cement Tacoma I could see for looks?

All the photos I’ve seen of the grey panels seem like they’d be a bit light for my taste. But the swatch looks pretty close to the cement color, and it looks pretty good, but I don’t want to trust my perception based on the tiny tile.


I’m gonna have gray on silver next week if nobody else posts.

I agree 100%. While I don’t have my GFC and cant speak to how it looks in person, the gray was too light for my taste in the swatch and in pictures I have seen. I have a black Tacoma and was hoping for a dark gray but agree that it is more like a light cement. I know GFC does custom colors but I wasn’t really interested in spending more money priority wise with the rest of the build of my truck. As a result, I went with the Black which will be cool but I wish GFC would offer a darker gray similar to the tone of the color offered in the newer Tacomas. Maybe one day…

I would like to see the gray in silver when you get it.

I was thinking about custom coloring. But 1) I just wanted to get the dang thing home ASAP for a trip and hunting (in retrospect, I missed both), 2) I might be foolish, but I figured colors could be done locally, and finally 3) I want to take a look at these hinges before I toss more money into this project (I’ve never actually seen a GFC).:pleading_face:

Ditto, interested as well.

Initially, I thought I made a mistake with the gray (I thought it was a closer match). But I’m happy with it; it has definitely grown on me. The black is too dark, the white is too bright!


Thanks for the photo, that makes it a lot clearer.

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How much sag in the rear end do you have with your GFC on your truck?

I don’t recall much. I have subsequently gotten a new OME suspension.

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@matttrent Did you go with the grey panels and have a photo that you don’t mind posting? I will be getting my color samples in the next month and am having the same problem visualizing the grey panels on my cement truck. Thanks.

I went with black. Having seen grey panels in person at the shop, I can say they’ll definitely look lighter than the cement does.

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