Mattress Upgrade and Internal Access

I think I’ve read most of the posts here about mattress upgrade options, but am still curious what the best/most comfortable option is that will still allow middle-of-the-night access down into the bed. Will an Exped Duo or 2 Exped singles work for this?

we have a Klymit double V 74"x47" and it works because it is flexible. Obviously your wife or partner or whoever will have to wake up but still pretty easy to get up and down without too much disruption.

There is another thread somewhere about this but I copied someones solution and cut 2" memory foam to fit under the fitted sheets for each section. Def more comfortable. With the extra size I can no longer store bedding when closed but to me still beats inflating / deflating an air mattress…

I use two of the exped single mats which are 25" wide each, so they are the exact width of the camper and have been very happy with that. If you put the small square tiles towards the end of the tent, it is super easy to fold one exped back a couple of inches, remove the tile, and hop down while someone else is still sleeping on the other pad. Hope that helps.


I saw this the other day. Reasonably priced and apparently comes from the same manufacturer as Exped. Camp Deluxe Sleeping Pad