Maybe the greatest build?

Not responsible for anything happening to you/your vehicle/others/or anything else if you do any of the below. It’s all for informational purposes only.

Finally something I’m happy with. 2X strips down below, 1 up top, and a adjustable flood. And a 3D printed control panel, of course.

Mosquito Net

Frame Bag

Bubble Levelers

Bike Racks

Fluid Holder

Replacement Knobs

Upstairs Fan / Storage Net

Lower Awning

Adjustable Flood Light

Grab Handle

Panel/Door Limiters

Grab Handle/Puller

Modified Cushion Covers

Lower Insulation

Diesel Heater

King Starboard (HDPE) Tailgate Replacement

…more to come


Do you have photos? Awesome build!

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Ace this is super cool! Stoked to have you here!

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These are some really great mods. Thanks for sharing. I’m still waiting for my camper, but my mod wishlists just significantly grew. What brand diesel heater did you use? In regards to the insulation, am I missing the velcro in the pics? What exactly is the velcro for?

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@ace7196 thanks for sharing. I copied what you did for a rear awning and just love it. It really came in handy over the weekend during some severe thunderstorms.


Damn @ace7196 why did you delete your build? Yours was one of my favorite.

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Bummer to see this gone - some really great ideas that provided inspiration for my own modifications.

Hope you’re still around the community Ace.


Click the little pencil icon on the first post and you can still see everything he deleted.


I second @Smelly621 . I haven’t received my camper yet & I already started working on mods for it, based on your great ideas. :weary:

Great stuff man! I stole some pics off your build to see about getting some custome MOLLE and mounting panels Like Rago has built in prep for my shell.

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Where did you get those handles for the extrusion on the outside?

Incredible detail, thank you @ace7196 ! Was wondering why you put the roadshower on the inside? I assume the intent was pluming for dishes but wanted to ask. Also- do you generally speaking recommend it vs some of the other routes like zodi or waterport?

@ace7196 what truck is this build on?

What what kind of glue did you use for the felt to insulation?


I already have the felt, the 3M spray and two difference types of insulation. Maybe I could forgo the spray and only use carpet tape?
I have 1/2" polyisocyanurate with the foil back and 1" XPS. The poly is more efficient and the XPS is easier to work. I was wondering how to cover the edges. The edge of poly has a tendency to crumble a bit and it doesn’t cut as cleanly.
I might be able to fit the poly under framing thereby eliminating the gaps. Where the iso slightly contacts the frame I could compress it just in those areas. and hope, with the added felt, it would fit.
OTOH using the XPS would gain me some R value (R5 vs. R3.2 but lose some of that because of the framing gaps.
Your insulation look great. 1-1/2" insulation gives you a nice edge to tape to.

How much of a gap is there between the frame and the door when closed up?

Just short of 1/2". It varies a bit.