Modifying bed pieces

Any ever modify the bed square things so that someone can get out of bed/below without having to take apart the bed as a whole or is it too short to be practical for most people? I’m only 5’7” and wondering if I could mod the bed pieces so that there’s some gap so that I can get out without removing a panel.

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Someone here has taken a chunk out of their panels, but not nearly the size you probably need. You’d probably want a minimum of a 12"x18" hole to get in/out. That’s almost half the panel… I would play around with hole sizes using some plywood, before you go making permanent mistakes with the factory panels.

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You could cut the 2 square panels into 4 smaller rectangles? :man_shrugging:t6:


Kind of genius. Thanks for that. Idk how I hadn’t thought of that lol

I believe “desktoglory” on IG/youtube had replaced the squares with rectangles at some point… I think he even shows the panels in a video somewhere.

Also, he is a great follow! Him and his wife live full time in their built GFC I believe.

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My suggestion is to get a piece of plywood cut it to the size of the square mattress. 25 x 25 in the regular tent and 28 x 28 in the XL. Start cutting… Maybe try cutting a square in half see if that gives you enough room to get up and down or cut one piece a little larger than the other and just experiment with it a little bit. Once you find out what works then you can work on modifying the mattress itself. If you get that far along in your process I could probably help you come up with a mattress solution.

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I have 2 Exped Megamat 10’s in a V1 XL.
One MW (72"Lx25.6") and one LXW(77"Lx30.3"). It’s where my kids (11 & 12) sleep.
I have railing and core board coming to create my own panels replacing the squares.
One piece will be ~28x31, one will be ~18x25 and one will be ~10x25.

The mats will be offset front to tail. The will allow a 13" flat nighttime storage spot for the one on the MW and a 18" spot for the one on the LXW.

This will also allow the ~18x25 piece to be removed with out disturbing either mat.

The 10x25" will either have holes in it or be removed during cold weather solo camping where I might run a heater below. (I’m working on a modular unit that’s versatile for different heaters and or cooling fans)

I’m 6’2" so the short bed head into the wedge doesn’t work for me.

Here’s the link to the DesktoGlory vid >> Desk To Glory’s 1990 Toyota Pickup “Little Red” Walk Around - YouTube
Great idea if you don’t need the length.


I made a plywood piece roughly 25x12" for winter time use. It allows the heat from the Propex heater to make it upstairs… My wife is shorter so it goes on her side.

We still have to remove it to climb down. But it is slightly easier to deal with bulk wise while doing the climb out shuffle.

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Started with a 32x28 and a 24x28. I may split the 24x28 into a 24x10 & 24x18 but will need to switch out to a C rail in the 32x28 to an L rail.


Here’s a cross-link to my solution, there have been a couple different posts where this has come up.

I am considering the purchase of a 3 yr old GFC V1. Does it come from the factory with a 1 pc. floor section? If 1 price is it easily removed for modification?

I’m not really a morning person… So I thought it was kinda a pain in the morning to move the big bed piece out of the way…So I drilled a hole in it and add a hook to flip it up quickly to give more room to change…And do a morning routine quickly.

This way you can just pop out the little piece if you’re solo and flip it up…then do your morning stuff and pop it down quick vs having to move the pieces around…

It also comes in handy to pop it up and crawl in from the outside…the little piece just falls to the truck bed…
I will say thought you want to try and get the hole as centered as possible…I was off my a few cm and one side dose slide out a little…but you can push it and it stays…but it’s not that bad even if you left it how it hangs.

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