New awning mount - replacement

Does anyone have a picture of the standard style ARB awning replacement that GFC is providing on the PIT tour for those getting the embassy hinge update? I know the original awning mounts will not work.


Do you mean the Universal Bracket? It is very similar it just has a shorter foot area I think. I have some if you need a pic, but I think the pic on the GFC site is updated.

Honestly Iā€™m not sure what they are replacing the old style with during the PIT upgrades?? It may be the universal one, which i have seen. Maybe that is the better question?

This is the newest bracket I got it when I took delivery of mine in December.


I do not have a picture of the new bracket, but I do know that they are replacing the the awning brackets with the embassy hinge upgrade. I am going in 4/29 for proactive upgrade (#840, received in Aug. 20) and they are supplying the new brackets free with the hinges.