New Leaderboard Feature?


I received the email with the subject, “Production Timelines are Changing.” Any chance you could add a column to the Leaderboard spreadsheet to indicate the guesstimated start date for each build? I think this would enable your valued customers to properly modulate their excitement and start brainstorming ideas for that baller road trip to MT.



Hey Brian,

At this time, everyone should have their estimated start date on hand, and I’ve emailed everyone that will see significant changes based on the recent announcement. Other than that, I don’t think we’ll be changing the leaderboard to show any more information than it already does. I do appreciate your feedback, and I’ll pass the idea along!

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@GFC_Taylor is the link down to the leaderboard with the updates to the GFC website or is there a new url, getting site not found with the old address?


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Also experiencing this!

“Page Not Found” for the Leaderboard link sent in the production email.

The Google Drive URL sill works if you need to see it before they update the website url.

@LBS_TRDadventures and the rest of the gang,

I’m working out what the new website will mean for the leaderboard and get back to you. When they were developing the new site, I had recommended a customer portal that would show progress on your particular build, and I think they’re just taking more time to build that feature in.

As always, if you want an update on your build you can email Keep in mind, I send out updates via email whenever builds progress through production, and the leaderboard is a redundant reflection of those notifications.

I’ll report back when I have more info for y’all!


As always thanks for the response, thought I was having a “user error” moment!

New site looks good by the way and excited to see the reveal.


Just tying this together for anyone that hadn’t seen the other thread.

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Does anyone have the steps that the campers go thru from the leaderboard? Went into production on the 28th and just got my components produced email today. Just curious of how many more updates I’ll be getting before completion. This California to Montana trip might be coming sooner than expected.

You can go to this:

Has a good summary of the process