Notice that Cool Rack at your Install?

So for those of you who notice this kind of stuff - if you were at your installation and took a few moments to look around, you probably noticed some neat stuff in that install bay.

Notably for me, there was a rack with mobile shelves on it - shelves that slide side to side and create a hallway to go in and get stuff… anyways I asked them about this and it’s a company called LevRack. Made in USA, more expensive than a garage shelf should be but super damn cool. They are also notably cheaper than the other options I found for similar who not only had high prices, crazy lead times, they also wouldn’t work with me as I didn’t have a company and no reseller options available.

So anyways, for you garage aficionados out there - not quite the cost of another GFC but close.



Dang! Fancy! _______

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So again, necessary? No… But I have been combating a garage organization problem since long before the GFC … Now add all the car camping stuff I don’t want to leave in the truck all the time… small garage was getting overrun. Decided on this solution before I knew about levrack but alas… Once you’ve made up your mind, it’s really only a matter of time, right?