Passenger's Side Access?

Hey Folks,

Picked up a used a GFC Platform RTT in Montana a couple months ago and freaking love this thing! Have it installed on my 5th gen 4Runner.

Quick question, and I did a search but didn’t find much for answer, but it looks like GFC never offered one with a passenger side zipper access. I’m looking to see if it’s possible to order or modify the existing tent fabric to do this? Has anyone had success getting it done locally from an upholstery shop? Or a sail maker?

Also, it looks like the V3 tent fabric is now being sold with optional access to both sides. Is it possible to install the new version material in my older Platform RTT?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Send an email to They will help.

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I’ve inquired with GFC and the V3 tent fabric will eventually be for sale for existing tent/camper owners, however there is no current ETA.

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If you want a V3 tent your best bet to do that would be put A deposit down or try to buy a sooner spot from the marketplace. Then when your build time comes have them apply it to the cost of just the tent. That is my plan as I have a new tent with left and right doors, but for winter camping I want a second tent without the doors on each side. I spoke to GFC about this concept back in October about this. Just for the tent you’re looking at between $1000 to $1500 and that was just a ballpark price.

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