Phone/Tablet mount in the tent?

Anyone figured out a good (semi)-permanent mount/solution for a phone or tablet mount in the tent?

I’ve taped a freezer bag to the ceiling of the tent and I drop my phone in there to watch movies. It works, but I imagine there is room for improvement.

I was thinking about maybe a suction cup mount to a RAM phone holder but I would need to remove/stow away when closing the tent.

Anyone found a clean solution?

@phey_05 mounted a RAM ball in the t-track along the ceiling, which could work for you maybe if you’ve got a V2 camper:

What a great idea - I have a V1 unfortunately!

In that case the suction cup mount is a pretty good idea.

Another possibility that might be easier to put up and take down quickly would be a magnetic RAM mount. You could glue or epoxy this thin steel base to the ceiling:

Then slap up the magnetic RAM ball with the phone mount attached:

It’s supposed to hold 2 pounds. I haven’t tried this though.