Planned install in 2 weeks!

Never saw these before. Just bought some. Thanks!

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i have chased a more comfortable seating position since i brought the tacoma - refoamed the seatback, changed headrests - but those seat risers have been the best improvement - for me i can do a 9 hr drive and get out and walk around like a normal person now


Tundra should start just fine, doubt you need to do anything with the coolant. That being said, put in some low temp rated windshield washer fluid and keep your windshield warm when driving. Nothing worse than trying to clean road grime off of your windshield and having the fluid freeze into a sheet of ice on your windshield. :wink:

  1. pack a snow brush or broom to clean off any snow in the morning

  2. +1 for washer fluid for low low low temps

  3. take I-80 over I-90 if you can- it gets more traffic

  4. when you get to snow, find an empty parking lot and do donuts in 2wd. it helps 2 ways, makes you a little more comfortable in the snow and teaches you how your truck acts in it

  5. pack like you are going camping in case you get stuck and need to camp

  6. once you get back out of the salt give your truck a thorough bath


I went there in January and someone side swiped me. Caused $8000 in damage because of icy roads by the Wyoming/Montana boarder. Hate to say it, but don’t underestimate the danger. The roads are crazy icy right now and even though you can drive well… it’s now clear to me others can’t. I haven’t had my truck in a few weeks now(at the body shop). I’d try and push the trip until it’s warmer if you can.

I wouldn’t say can’t… most just don’t care or don’t have tires with tread on them. we spend a ton of money on our trucks and some people just look for the cheapest shit box that gets them from point A to B

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I15 in Utah on a Sunday is the definition of rat race.

I just finished an 11 hour drive from CO to MT for my hinge replacement tomorrow. Delayed two hours by a questionable dirt road detour when I25 closed due to wind/tipped semis.

Anyway… I did the seat height mod last week and it saved me today. Thanks for the tip. So much more comfortable!


i know right, funnily enough we had put them in my girlfriends truck a couple years ago, took me to recently to put them in my 2nd gen. have saved me on several 7-12 hour days recently - best cheapest mod ever

I just tried to install passenger side and the spacer hole and the seat hole don’t line up. It seems like I need to push the seat track forward a bit. Video says you don’t need to loosen front bolts. Probably a simple solution and I’m just having a brain fart.

on my second gen there is also a small ‘guide’ by the front of the seat rail, but i guess you hadn’t loosened the front you said. hopefully you got it sorted

Loosened front bolts and they fit right in. Now to test out these bad larrys

Just updating… the trip went well, I think I got lucky and got mostly clear skies on the travel days and ended up with a full truck as two buddies last minute joined me for the road trip. As far as road conditions, I did hit some spots where 4x4 was necessary due to getting off the main highways and high winds/snow drift, but overall it’s wasn’t much different than driving in the local SoCal and Eastern Sierra mountains. Like I said maybe I got lucky but after the trip I’m less than intimidated.


How do you like the V2? Any issues with it thus far?

So far I’ve got a seemingly small install or alignment/squareness problem. The rear door was rubbing on one side but I’m working with them on adjusting it. The poor alignment is also not allowing the new lock release from the interior to line up properly for easy function. I hope after this weekend I can get it squared away.

Other than that no other issues and it’s great! I can’t really feel it’s even there under 75mph and has all the functionality and comfort that I think I’ll be needing. Great design and so minimalist!


Keep the forum updated on this. I’m curious about the new frame. My question is: Will all the joints allow just enough play to cause non-square angles at the corners and allow rubbing or other issues? I sure hope not…



So far they instructed me to loosen up the bed mount (which seemed to me to be over tightened at install pulling that corner of frame inward) and the corner brace bar. Additionally I loosened the three rear door panel quarter turn release bolts. With this there is a tiny bit of play, enough to push the frame outward. However, in my viewpoint the biggest adjustment that is helping is that the rear door release bolts allowed me to push the door towards center enough to where the panel no longer rubs.

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Was it the right side near the bottom right corner, I had to round out that corner on my V2

This is good news, now I know to take a easy out kit for over torquing and over lock tight on assembly, and a threaded insert kit for repair, of course a come-along to rack it back into position. I’m good. It got cheaper and faster to build, good for you. Got a June date. I’m sure there will be no prob now that it’s built from bolt together aluminum extrusion instead of the welded steal. Moving forward is a new frontier and I ain’t scared, (yet).

Yes, right bottom when looking at the door from the back.