PNW GFC Owners Ochocos Summer Solstice Outing


By any chance, did any one of you record your route? I am going to head out to Ochoco for a solo trip the first weekend of August and was hoping for an idea of where to go


I have some tracks that I can upload to you but can’t via this platform. The issue with my tracking is that I wasn’t consistent with turning it on and off.

Below is what I thought was the central piece of the trip. We did spend considerable time there before going north to the John Day River area. From Prineville, it took 2 hours plus to get there.

I’m not sure how much driving you’re looking to do, but I can say we did do quite a bit IMO.

Mt Pisgah is a good destination I’d recommend. There are many ways to get there and it’s a lookout spot for the rangers. A full size truck can get there.

44.45675, -120.23678

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Thank you! I’ll probably make this the first destination and then move out from there